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Rio Grande Education Collaborative (RGEC) has established itself as the largest provider of After School services in New Mexico, experiencing remarkable growth over the past decade.

60+ School Sites

With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional academic enrichment programs, RGEC currently serves families and communities across 60+ school sites throughout the state. Our unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of families has earned RGEC an esteemed reputation as a trusted name among parents and children alike.

At the Rio Grande Educational Collaborative (RGEC), our VISION is to be a dedicated organization focused on preparing children, families, and communities for lifelong success. Our MISSION is to leverage a range of resources and opportunities to create a comprehensive continuum of services that support the social and academic aspirations of children, their families, and their communities. Through the development, application, and management of various services, including before and after-school programs, we provide inclusive pathways to success for children from diverse backgrounds.

Providing safe, enjoyable, and enriching programs for young children is of paramount importance. At RGEC, our programs encompass various learning models throughout the day, both before and after school, with the primary goal of delivering secure and structured enrichment for children. Our before school program specifically addresses students’ needs through targeted strategies. Each morning, students have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of activities using our Four Corners Model. They freely rotate through the ‘creative corner,’ ‘strategic games’ corner, ‘active corner,’ and ‘homework and literacy’ corner. In our after-school program, we proudly employ our proprietary enrichment model, E-CUBEDTM (Exploration, Enrichment, and Education). This model is designed to enhance academic outcomes for elementary school students by employing a disguised learning approach that complements teachers’ efforts, involves parents, and keeps young minds engaged across various core subjects. Our curriculum for both before and after school programming adheres to state academic standards. Furthermore, RGEC diligently ensures that all enrichment activities align with each school’s Education Plan for Student Success (EPSS).

At RGEC, our commitment to providing exceptional programs goes beyond the basics. We have a highly qualified program staff who undergo continuous professional development to maintain their expertise. Moreover, in many of our Before and After School Programs, we ensure an unparalleled level of safety standards and adherence to best practices by licensing these childcare sites through the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department. Our focus at RGEC is to combine a robust academic curriculum with secure and nurturing learning environments led by highly qualified personnel. Additionally, we strive to captivate children’s interest and imagination by offering creative and exciting ways to learn, making their supplemental school experience truly engaging.

Rio Grande Education Collaborative (RGEC) is a member of The Atrisco Companies. The Atrisco Companies is a social enterprise that supports New Mexico communities through various nonprofit and community-focused organizations. To learn more about the Atrisco Companies go to www.atriscocompanies.com.


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RGEC is Hiring, APPLY NOW!

RGEC is currently looking for Instructors and Site Supervisors for our 2023-2024 Before and After School Sites. Applicants must have a high school diploma and a minimum of two years’ experience working with children, bi-lingual encouraged to apply. CLICK HERE to download application.

These following documents to move forward with the interview or hiring process.

  • 1. Completed Application
  • 2. Updated Resume
  • 3. High School Diploma / College Diploma
  • 4. Original Driver’s license and Social Security card (If they don’t have one or the other a passport, birth certificate or Military ID).

If you can’t submit an application online, please bring completed applications into our office at 6260 Riverside Plaza Lane NW, Suite A or email to Ashultz@atrisco.org

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When exploring different options for your child’s before- and after-school care, it’s common to have a list of questions, from how lessons are structured to what the fees are. One of our goals at Rio Grande Educational Collaborative (RGEC) is to be as accessible as possible, so today we’d like to share with you a list of the most common questions we get from parents like you:

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