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Free, Grant-Based Programs for Homeschooled Students in New Mexico

Did You Know?

We provide pathways to success through the development, application, and
management of services – primarily (BASP) before and after school programs – to
children from all walks of life.

About Us

Rio Grande Education Collaborative has grown over the last decade to be the biggest grant-based after school services provider in the state of New Mexico. RGEC continues to provide its high-quality academic enrichment program to homeschooled families and communities through more than 60+ school sites in the state of New Mexico. Our response to families’ needs has made RGEC a trusted name among parents and homeschooled children alike in New Mexico.


The MISSION of RGEC is to leverage resources and opportunities to create a continuum of services to support the social and academic dreams of children, their families and their communities. We provide pathways to success through the development, application and management of services – primarily before and after school programs- to children from all walks of life.


Our VISION at the Rio Grande Educational Collaborative (RGEC) is to dedicate our organization to preparing children, family and community for life-long success.

After School Programs for Homeschooled Students

RGEC customizes our after school programs to help augment the school’s areas of weakness. Learning may include lessons in science, math, geography, literacy, and the arts. We also incorporate subjects that the school may have had to drop or minimize due to lack of funding, like music, fine art, performing arts and sports. Students begin their afternoon at RGEC with a snack or a light meal right as soon as the school day has finished.

  • Snack or Light Meal
  • Homework Help
  • Enrichment Time

Students participate in homework help and enrichment classes which are grouped by grade level and cover academic subjects like literacy, science and math as well as entrepreneurship topics like nutrition, physical wellness and dramatic arts. All our program instructors are certified in CPR and First Aid and must pass a CYFD background check. We also offer Social Emotional Learning. Our programs are licensed through the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department to ensure that a high level of safety standards exist and the best practices are followed, providing a safe program for your child. RGEC’s program instructors provide children with a fun, nurturing program that is essentially an extension of their own family through guidance, inspiration and motivation.

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What our students and parents are saying...

Todo el personal de RGEC son excepcionales con todos nuestros ninos son muy atentos y dedicados a su trabajo. Aprecio todo su arduo trabajo y su paciencia. Espero verso y trabajar con ellos durante el proximo ano escolar. El programa no es como otro programa extracurricular que solo cuida ninos.Tienen un programa estrucrado de eventos con juegos y un tiempo para la tarea. Se toman mu yen serio la responsabilidad y la seguridad de su hijo.

 All RGEC staff. They are exceptional with all of our children. They are very attentive and dedicated to their work. I appreciate all of your hard work and your patience. I look forward to seeing them work with them during the next school year. The program is not like any other after school program that babysits only. They have a structured program of events with games and homework time. They take responsibility and the safety of our children seriously.

Sandra Adame, Parent

My daughter really enjoys this program and all the different things they offer. She likes that it’s hands-on in a small setting.

Haracio, Parent

I had the opportunity to attend Explora’s visit to RGEC. The hands-on experience is just what my kids love and as a parent with little time, Explora coming to Belen for us is outstanding.

Garcia/Gil Sanchez Elementary School Parent

Students are given the change to show and develop their talents and skills outside of the regular classroom setting. They also have the chance to complete missing assignments.

Ramir Abayon, Parent

I have enjoyed having my son enrolled in the after- school program. The after- school program is great due to the fact that my son gets his homework done and enjoys participating in the events and the staff are awesome and very friendly.

Luis Moreno, Parent

Parent: It helps the kids learn and progress. I have noticed (my son) is doing better with schoolwork. 

Student: It helps bring my grades up and is helping me learn!

Kimberly Chavez, Parent

My daughter really enjoys learning Yoga and Breathing Relaxation. She often has difficulty staying on tasks and gets very frustrated. Now, she is using exercise and breathing to help her refocus and is encouraging us at home to do the same. This has really empowered her! Thank you, RGEC.

Carol S., Parent

The after- school program has been an amazing opportunity for my kids and myself. I am a single mom of three, I work 40+ hours a week, and this gives my kids an opportunity to interact with peers, get assistance with homework. 10 out of 10. Program is great and so are the workers.

Amber Ronquillo, Parent

My son gets the opportunity to interact with his peers in a more relaxed and fun environment and all while being in a safe environment.

Daniel Guzman, Parent

James loves Kids Cook! He has started to try new foods other than chicken nuggets and this is great. The patience of the staff and teaching of safety and health along with cooking is a bonus.  What great “Life Lessons” he is experiencing and most importantly in his words, “Boys can cook too!”

Carl W., Parent

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